In the 2007 we launched, which has become one of the most popular site on health in Italy, now we are taking a step further with a brand new health site mainly devoted to diseases and treatments, recognition and interpretation of symptoms and clinical exams and tests.

The new site will aggregate news and articles from the best online health related sources. We draw our inspiration from the likes of CDC for reliability and trustworthiness, Wiki based references for easy of use and graphical simplicity and Nemours Foundation for comprehensibility and plain language use.

Our aim is to popularize health related issues, therefore we will publish only sound, clear and easy to understand articles, without biological and biochemical nuances that are of no interest to our readers.

Feel free to contact us through the form for any inquiries and experiences related to the content of our website. We will take them into account. Feel free to make us know what you expect to find into our website or other useful and interesting ideas.

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Dr. Guido Cimurro